The Rogue Family

In a world where diversity and inclusion is full of failings, it comes as no surprise that ROGE was left behind by his developer because of the loss of an eye during minting. Luckily for PROGE she did not share her brother's fate.

Work Process


Being orphaned, rejected and shunned from crypto society triggered something in ROGE and it was at that moment the Rogue Doge was born.

With the help of a loving and loyal community the plan was set; Build the most diverse and inclusive community there is and show everyone that through immense adversity from society you can still achieve great things.

While watching all other Shiba Inu be loved, cared for and reaching the moon and beyond, ROGE and the ROGE community knew what they had to do...

They would bypass the already overcrowded moon and head straight to Uranus. There they would build a Sky City Headquarters on the beautiful gas giant and set out on making the solar system a much better place for all.


ROGE is 100% community owned. We strive to be the fastest growing and hardest working community in the dog universe.

Early Bonus


The Rogue Doge (ROGE) is a decentralized coin on the Ethereum network ERC-20 with instant rewards built in for holders.

Univarsal Access

Total supply

100,000,000,000,000,000 ROGE

Safe & Secure

Transaction Limits

No more than 2% of ROGE supply can be bought or sold in a single txn.

Low Cost


For every transaction in ROGE ecosystem (buy or sell), 1% of the transaction is distributed to existing holders. That means earning more ROGE just by holding it in your wallet (Passive Income).

Secure Storage

Original LP Tokens

50% sent to burn wallet. As with many other tokens, etherscan shows these being sent but not appearing in the burn wallet - Don't worry, this is not unusal!- 50% sent to VB

Several Profit


All are welcome. We will grow and we are not going to stop until we ensure those in crypto sees that ROGE will make it better for all.

The Rogue Mission